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Game of Thrones Enhanced Editions!

Joining the ranks of other fantastic literature, George R. R. Martin’s series The Game Of Thrones is being released in an enhanced versions for iTunes!

Game of thrones enhanced edition

A New Game Of Thrones Experience

Known for its incredibly intricate tapestry of detail, the enhanced version will make it easier to follow each of those threads. Each chapter begins with a detailed map of the coming storyline, and additional illustrations bring the story to life… unless of course you’ve only seen the HBO series and you’ll just see those guys in your minds eye.

The text has piles of annotations that explain the background of certain scenes, and some sections are narrated by Roy Dotrice. The end of each book will have a veritable geek trove of family trees, adornments and maps.

Games of thrones enhanced edition

Martin worked closely with the team and approved all aspects, and since it has the all-fathers approval, it’s sure to satisfy even the most die hard fan!

Pick up the first book, The Game Of Thrones For $9.99 on iTunes, and check out the rest in the coming months… the last in the series, The Winds Of Winter will be released presumable after the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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