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Category Archives: OS X

HEIF – A Skinny Photo Acronym!

Apple has a new awesome space saving photo format with iOS 11! Get the skinny on HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) standard here!

Mac Malware Much Higher – But DON’T PANIC

The numbers are in, and on the surface are rather alarming! But we’ll deep dive into the data and let you know if there is a time to panic yet.

Google Feature Photos – A Google Product I Can Recommend!

Google has released a long time feature of it’s video products, Google Feature Photos, come check out what it’s all about!

Compatibility Of iOS 10 & MacOS Sierra – The Great Culling

Fall is coming with new operating systems for our favourite devices! Let’s see if yours makes the cut in our compatibility check!

Deleted Notes? Not All Is Lost!

Have you been freaked out to discover that note of grandmas recipes have gone missing? Follow us into the Chamber of Secrets to get your deleted notes back!

Planetary Annihilation: Titans – Destroy SOLAR SYSTEMS

Planetary Annihilation is a game that lets you sew destruction on a scale that not even a Sith Loard has imagined!

Apples Future… brightened!

Truthfully, I’ve been concerned about Apples software direction, not the over all experience, but the look and feel. Fire up iCal, Contact, Notes… whats with the leather look?

Save Your Marriage With OS X Lion

Find out about the best new feature in OS X Lion!